Sunday, June 20, 2010

June 19: Buckthorn Madness

Section E gets great volunteers! We had a good day this weekend with a work party 18 strong. Just take a look at this buckthorn crowding the trail on the lower slope of Liebre Mtn. It's as bad as it looks, pokey, scratchy, and plain awful. After the Pine Fire of 2004, and the massive rains of spring '05, the awful plants return faster, but I guess in so doing they hold everything in place and reduce erosion until the plant population matures with more oak and other stuff.
But with 4 sawyers and 14 for removal, we managed to make nearly a half mile of progress.
This year is the second time we've brushed this stretch hard since 2005.
I also found a 2005 photo from after the fire & flood, taken from my tripod at almost the exact same spot as one I took yesterday. Take a look, then vs now, and see how this area has changed over the last five years due to nature and volunteer labor:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Latest Announcement

  • I posted John Hachey's latest Region 1 newsletter here.
  • We have an awesome team of volunteers (over a dozen, I think) for the work project this Saturday! I'll see some of you out there.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Next Project: June 19 Brushing on Liebre Mtn

We'll clear heavy brush on the north slope of Liebre Mtn, where the trail descends to Pine Canyon Road. We'll start work roughly a mile above the road and work up toward Horse Camp. As we’re working, we may meet thruhikers on the trail as they hike northbound on the PCT. PCTA will supply all equipment and tools. Volunteers should bring a sack lunch, minimum 2 qts water, leather work gloves, robust footwear, sun protection, and wear long-sleeve clothing.
Volunteers should meet at the pullout at 0745am on June 19. The pullout is on the south side of the road, right at a hilltop on Pine Canyon Road. By placing your home address in the 'A' field, Google can determine the shortest driving time & distance for you. If interested in volunteering, please respond to me directly at