Sunday, October 5, 2014

Next Trail Projects: Oct 11, Nov 15

While the northwest corner of the Angeles National Forest remains under the Powerhouse Fire closure order, we're continuing our attention to the Station Fire area.  The Trail Gorillas have worked hard to clear the trail in this segment, with great success in 2014.  And now that it's been five years since the burn, the poodledog bush is finally diminishing. 
We'll hold work projects in the segment off of 3N17, the Mt Gleason Road, on October 11 and November 15. Info is below: 
On Oct 11 and Nov 15, meet at 0730 at Mill Creek Summit on the Angeles Forest Hwy.
We'll combine vehicles there and convoy through locked gate on Mt. Gleason Road.
Work is primarily treading.  All volunteers need to wear sturdy work boots and long sleeved pants and shirt, and bring leather work gloves, weather protection, lunch, and all your water for the day.  PCTA will supply tools and PPD.
If you can volunteer, please respond with your party number, so we can ensure to bring enough tools for everyone.
NOTE: Will cancel in event of Red Flag wind warnings.