Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 21: Section E is Ready for the Season!

Today was the final day of work in my area before the thruhikers arrive. Since last June the PCT here has been the target of much brushing, tossing, sawing, trail rebuilding and treading. So with Pete Fish on Sawmill Mtn cutting the last of the blowdowns, and this excellent crew of volunteers working to cut back brush in San Francisquito Canyon, today marks the completion of Section E readiness for the approaching herd of thruhikers. To celebrate the work of all Sec. E volunteers over the past 11 months, the crew posed for this makeshift ribbon-cutting photograph. It was a great day with a fun crew and perfect weather, and I also snapped the attached photo of local "Trail Angels" Joe and Terri Anderson of Green Valley next to the register box. After our day of hard work, we joined Joe and Terri and several thru's for grilled chicken and Taco salad at the Andersons; a good time was had by all.
Congratulations and thanks to all who helped maintain Section E for 2011.

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Jesse said...

It really was a great for trail maintenance. I had a great time clearing the trail with a great bunch of people. Ultimately I will definitely do it again. The after party was great too. Though, I forgot my hat and sunglasses at the Andersons. Luckily they were cheap.