Monday, June 16, 2014

Clearing Big Trees On Mt Gleason

I got these photos from John Shelton today showing the work progression on the big trees that Pete and the TG's cleared on Friday / Saturday. These really only summarize the two-day process, but it gives you an idea of the task here of clearing two  ~3 - 4' dia blowdowns stacked together:

 Here in the National Forest the sawing can be accomplished with chain saws.  The rigging and hoisting is all done with big hand winches without much trouble, and 4' pry bars to finish, all assisted by gravity.

So how do you top THAT?!  Their next project is high in the San Jacinto Wilderness, which means no power saws - they have cut this monster out by hand. I'll post those photos here after they finish.



Mark Subbotin said...

That San Jacinto tree is a MONSTER! Who's got a 10ft crosscut??

Kev said...

I guess they started it this week, using only a 5'4" single handled crosscut saw. I assume those guys are taking turns. I'll post the photos when they send them!