Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Projects in the Sawmill Mtn Area: Apr 25/26 and May 1-3

I hope you can join us for one of these projects to help clear the trail in Section E near Sawmill Mtn. These two projects will have us making progress from Atmore Meadows Road toward Liebre Mtn, and will be our new Section Chief Jim Richter's inaugural projects.  We'll overnight at Sawmill CG. I hope you can come out to meet Jim and show him how awesome the Section E volunteers are!  See full details at, and to sign up contact Jim Richter at richterj at or phone 323-595-9499.
Section Chief Dave Fleischman, who served Section E for at least ten years, is taking on Section D, where the Station Fire burned in 2009.  Still lots of work to clear the trail for 2015 thruhikers. We'll be out there by Mt Gleason this weekend...

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